About Me

meI’ve lived in so many places that I’m not sure which one I belong to. I’ve lived in 3 countries, 5 states, and more than 11 cities. Every place that I’ve lived has been different in many ways; from the people, to the place, to the culture. I have loved getting to know all of them. I will always take the good I find and leave the bad. What I’ve found is that I love learning about the differences in people and places, but by far, may favorite is discovering the people. Every person you meet is different and most of the time they are not what you first think they are. I have met some surprising wonderful people. I think that is why I gravitate toward portraits in my painting. There is nothing more exciting then to have the face I’m painting take on a live and personality right before my eyes. It is like discovering them all over again. Landscapes and Still Life can be lovely but nothing can beat the magic of a portrait.
I have have a wonderful husband, Mr. Man and five fantastic kids. They are all smart and really keep me on my toes. I’m grateful to them for the support that the give me in my work. The really keep me going and give purpose to what I am doing.
I have been working on my AS degree the last two years in Digital Media Arts and Design. Somehow in the process of learning all about graphic arts I discovered that I could actually do “real” art.
As a teenager I spent many hours drawing but never picked up a brush. What a surprise to fine that beautiful things could come out of my brush even easier then they come out of my pencil. I have been painting now for about two years, since fall 2013, and I still wonder at some of the things that appear on my canvas.
I really don’t like to take credit for the talent that I’ve found in myself. I know that it is from God. It is something that he has given me to bring me and others joy. It feel that I need to paint things that inspire and lift other to be the best that they can be.
You will notice with all of my signatures the “GtG.”It stands for Glory to God and I sign everything that way.signatureIf you enjoy or are lifted by anything I paint or post here please know that it is from God and a gift to you and me.
Just like each of you, there are other gifts and talents that God has given me. So I hope that you will all enjoy the things that I share with you here on my site. Feel free to comment or leave suggestions and please feel free to link to me.  ~ GtG, LMBauista


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